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Warning! Suicides....

Your help is needed to prevention suicides.

This is my warning, friendly suggestion, that whoever reads this blog will one day regret that they did not take action sooner.  Why?  Because, you are now being educated, informed, that there is a way for individuals to overcome suicidal thoughts within minutes, permanently!  And, if you don’t get involved in spreading this good news, statistically, you will one day loose someone you deeply care about to a suicide, if you haven't already.  How do I know this? Every 40 seconds someone somewhere dies from a suicide, and for every suicide there are at least 20 attempts.

The number one reason why people will attempt a suicide is a fear of stigma!

To battle stigma, I’ve taken over twenty-five years of knowledge I’ve learned while working with the suicidal, post-suicide family support, and put together a SELF-HELP suicide prevention guide booklet! By doing this I have bypassed the fear of others finding out about YOU, or someone you LOVE, having suicidal thoughts, and by allowing people to remove the problem themselves!

That’s right! An individual can now perform a technique designed to focus on a memory that is causing intense emotional pain (suffering), and remove the bonding between the conscious and subconscious.  See MEMORY MAPPING, COMPONENTS, and REMOVAL at:

Even though I’ve done most of the hard work, putting this information into a pocket size self-help booklet, with simplified instructions, already translated it into several languages, I’m just one guy and can only take this venture so far? I need your help now!  

How can you get involved?  Share this information with others, through your personal networks, business associates, and family members by (twitter, blog, web posting, email, LinkedIn, etc.).   

International Suicide Prevention a 501(c)(3) public charity wants to print these booklets and distribute them to the masses.  We need corporate, entrepreneurs, wealthy benefactors now!
All sponsorships, grants for the printing of these booklets are tax deductible.

Current and past supporters:
May those that heed this warning never have to suffer the loss of someone they care about to a preventable cause of death!

NEW (4 Phase) procedure for depression, anxiety and/or suicidal thoughts can also be self administered!

And, finally, to put things in prospective: The time it takes the average person to read this page, not including the links, two people have died from suicide, and forty have attempted! Think about it!

International Suicide Prevention
1736 E. Charleston Blvd., #301
Las Vegas, NV 89104


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