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Powering the brain takes about 12 volts

When we have an experience, good or bad, that peaks our emotions a high powered voltage spike is stored in the brain.  This becomes a power drain, like an air-conditioning unit in your home.  But, your home is linked to a power source that is only limited to your ability to pay, and the homes fuse box capacity limitations.  Your brain, under normal conditions, is limited to its allotted power of 12 volts.

Therefore, your main attention is on the power memory brain drain, a love interest or unpleasant experience, and with no other widely known way to remove the unwanted annoyance, not the love interest, we attempt to distract ourselves with disorders, alcohol, drugs, long term treatments, psychotherapy, counseling, and suicidal thoughts.  That is until now.

With all known energy it doesn’t just go away; it is simply converted, transformed.  And, even though the best description of this new solution is discharging, it is more like popping a fuse, and removing the loop trapping a voltage drain.  All of this takes a matter of a second to take place but, the preparation for this transformation is longer, and done all within thirty minutes.  Afterwards clients have a new found freedom to power other previously unused areas of the brain, giving way to new self-expression and untapped creative resources. 

Finding the power memory brain drain is, and can be tricky as clients tend to discard there importance as they may have happened many years ago.  The client may say; “I’ve gotten over that”, or “I’ve forgiven them”.  But, there is always a source of a person’s depression, suicidal thoughts, and being a good detective is essential for success when using a memory removal technique.  

Time in dealing with suicidal thoughts has always been my main focus for helping those who suffer from intense emotional suffering (power memory brain drains).   When a brain drain reaches the point that a person is down to one choice, suicide, acting fast is the difference between life and death.  After a person has confessed having suicidal thoughts and then telling them that they have a mental illness, need to have long term treatment, and/or should start taking medication to adjust a chemical unbalance just deepens a state of hopelessness.   What I now offer is a chance to remove the cause of suicidal thoughts in as little as thirty minutes over a cup of coffee, and afterwards they never have to see me again. 

I work at International Suicide Prevention a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit so, when someone calls me and they say they are suicidal, I’m pretty sure that they are serious?  Everyone whom has taken the step to allow themselves to go through this simple process is still here, years later, working productive members of society?  Don't be confused into thinking that just because you are not suicidal that you will be happy, as happiness is a choice! And, when these individuals had first contacted me it was not their first attempts at getting help, and most had attempted suicide before, at least once.  I can only assume that this new approach either works or, they were lying?


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