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Psychology Today: The Suicide Switch

Psychology Today: The Suicide Switch
Why I’m considered the world’s leading authority in suicide prevention? About me: Matthew D. Dovel
Unrelated to traditional psychologist, I have a heavy background in computer science going back to the 1980’s when I was diagnosing computer circuit boards and writing computer programming well into the 1990’s. I operated a computer consulting business starting in 1990, semi-retired now, and was what is called a hacker. I explored networks that didn’t involve taking information, or destructive behavior (more or less just for my personal entertainment).
So, when I started looking into the mechanics of the mind in 1987 my prospective was one of a technician, not a psychologist. I immediately could see that the mind was just computer code, and programming. And, that the mind is nothing more than linked hard drives where data can be written, rewritten and erased. Programs run in the background that determine the location, and file sizes of …

Changing the Behavior Matrix

Sigmund Freud theorized that all decision making is based on our desire to seek out pleasure, and avoid pain. As long as someone has a past experience with a hierarchical level above four on a scale of between one and ten, with ten being the most intense, then it will have an influence over the individual’s decisions. This creates a very limited lifestyle; avoidance of any sensory, emotional, or intensity similar to situations and/or circumstances that one is wishing to avoid any recall of, thus causing symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or suicidal ideation.

With Nu-Rekall™ Zero Suicide Systems we take a segment of a person’s past and alter its hierarchy (intensity). It is only required to alter the hierarchy by two degrees at first, and then a natural degradation continues the process ending the segment of targeted memory in zero. The whole process takes a week, but as soon as the process is initiated the survival instinct is deactivated.
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