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Suicide Prevention Mind Science: Live on Global Network WBTVN.TV

Live on global network WBTVN.TV Choices finding your joy with Paula Vail - Nu-Rekall® mind science technologies has cracked the mental illness code.
New treatments available for suicide prevention through Nu-Rekall® mind science technologies - cognitive neuropsychology cognition treatment-inducing plasticity creating spontaneous remission in: depression, anxiety, phobias, manic, bipolar, P.T.S.D. and suicidal ideation.
Aired on September 23, 2017 - 3pm (cst) U.S.A. Paula Vail show 'Finding your Joy!'
Matthew D. Dovel, President and Founder of International Suicide Prevention (non profit)Editorial Board Member of the 'Journal for Cognitive Neuropsychology'Editorial Board Member of the 'International Journal of Emergency Mental Health'Scientist in Human Behavioral ModificationDedicating my life’s work to understanding and preventing suicide, educational services to reduce suicide rates, providing post-suicide support for families and providing tested evi…