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Linkin Park Suicide

When will we get together and end this madness?

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dead...Commits Suicide

Old psychology is not working! We are living in the dark ages in the treatment of depression and anxiety!


Please read the following information on what we NOW know about saving lives!
Why do people commit suicide? Article from International Suicide Prevention Expert on [Linkedin]

International Suicide Prevention [Help!]

New psychology treatments are single application, quick, and are FREE!

Matthew D. Dovel
Authority; suicide prevention. Nu-Rekall™ spontaneous remission in mental disorders. Mental health activist. Innovator and pioneer. +1 702 743 4340 U.S.A.

Why do people commit suicide?

Why do People Commit Suicide?
In the field of psychology there is currently a massive gap between what is being taught, applied and propagated, and the new solutions available for mental disorders.

In order to see the answers you seek, you must first ask the right questions!
Why is not as important as HOW!
Built into the making of each and every human on the planet is an innate characteristic called the survival instinct, which has only one purpose, protect life! Or, keep you safe at all costs.
The survival instinct has three hierarchical threat levels it has been programmed to be aware of; 1) the Soul, 2) the Body, and 3) the Mind. With the highest level of threat being, when the SOUL is in danger.

There is only one way anyone can consciously make the decision to commit suicide! The survival instinct has to be activated to protect the soul from a perceived threat by one, or both of the other two components; the Mind and/or Body.

In order for the MIND to become a threat a d…