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NEW Suicide Solution is now in seven languages....

Discover: to see, find, or become aware of (something) for the first time.

My name is Matthew D. Dovel, and I’m a suicide prevention expert.  I do not take this title lightly, and anytime you put a label on something or, yourself, than you had better be prepared for the universe to test you!

I have been in the suicide prevention business since my own attempted suicide on May 30th, 1987.  I have been an awareness educator, post-suicide family support including suicide scene cleanup at no charge, and creator of the new technologies of avoiding suicide, including the first of its kind self-help methods to avoiding suicide due to stigma.

Through observation, and self-discovery, I’ve developed five new ways of addressing the suicidal mind that has permanent results.  And the best part of this new technology is that it is free, is extremely quick (within five minutes), no external devices, no long term treatments, and no mind or mood altering chemicals are given.

I do understand that what I’m presenting is hard to swallow, but consider this, what if I’m telling the truth?  Let’s factoring out those that are acting out on impulsiveness, a very generous estimate would be twenty-five percent of all suicides.  Current estimates put world numbers at over one million suicides each year!  That means we could literally save over seven hundred and fifty thousand lives each year to a preventable cause of death?  Isn’t this worthy of investigation?  Isn’t this worthy of someone you know, or a family member that is suffering from grief, trauma, stigma, anxiety, or other some other intense emotional suffering?

I’m going way out on a limb now by making a correlation between those I would say are my peers because, of their accomplishments and discoveries.

Did you know that the wright brothers were not acknowledged, credited with, or worthy of even having the media show up to watch their amazing control over powered flight until over four years after their first documented flight.   And, by the time they did take notice, four years later they did something no one had ever done before, the wright brothers were now souring through the skies for over forty minutes at a time!  FACT!

Or, how about when ancient Greek Astronomer, Eratosthenes of Cyrene figured out that the earth was in fact round? It took another 1,300 years, and Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe, before it was widely accepted that the earth was not flat.  FACT!

We can now get on an airplane and fly from Las Vegas, Nevada to London, England in less than ten hours without even thinking twice about the safety of this truly amazing feat, or how it could even be possible.  Because, just one hundred years ago, a journey like this, could have been a life threatening experience taking a month or more to accomplish.  And, two thousand years ago you would have had to have taken a few hundred men for protection, and to carry the needed supplies.  Most would have not survived!   FACT!

Today we have something they didn’t have two thousand years ago, or even one hundred years ago?  We are now linked globally through phones, satellite, and internet.  Information, like what I’m presenting can go viral in a matter of weeks reaching the most remote locations on the planet.  With your help this can become a reality. FACT!

The NEW self-help “Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet” has now been translated into seven different languages! English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, and Norwegian.
*Please share with friends and family in your network!

*John La Valle - co-author of Persuasion Engineering®         
*Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D.            

*Andrea Emilio Salvi M.D. – Rotary Club Dalmine Centenario, Italy PHF

Matthew D. Dovel
Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet (S.P.G.B.)
1736 E. CHARLESTON BLVD., #301

* It is suggested that you go to to view more instructions on how to apply each section of this booklet more effectively.
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