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Suicide Prevention Self-Help Guide Booklets now in Spanish!

I'm happy to announce that we have just finished translating the NEW self-help suicide prevention guide booklets into Spanish! Ci!

The self-help pocket "Suicide Prevention Guide Booklets" are now in English, Italian, and Spanish. And, a Arabic, and French version is in the works.

What is the pocket self-help “Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet”?  And, why is it important to support the printing and distribution of this new tool.

International Suicide Prevention 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit president and founder Matthew D. Dovel, suicide prevention expert since 1987 authored this booklet as a solution for those having suicidal thoughts but, they might be unable to ask for help.  Endorsed by mental health professionals, doctors, and advanced behavioral studies experts as a viable solution to drastically reduce suicide rates.

This new booklet utilizes the newest technology available for addressing intense emotional suffering, which has been determined to be the cause of suicidal thoughts.

A suicide prevention self-help guide pocket booklet that can reduce or desensitize the emotions attached to a perceived traumatic experience or future anxiety creating incident, and it can change current behaviors through healthy new living habit techniques.

An unconventional holistic approach to address a human condition with easy to follow instructions

·         How to reduce suicide rates
·         Methods for promoting healthy mental behavior
·         How to identify an at risk individual
·         Procedures for reducing and/or eliminating suicidal thoughts

It is estimated that the financial loss/value is equal to 1.4 million dollars for each adult lost to suicide!

What value do you place on those that are close to you?

We place solutions directly into the hands of those in the greatest need.


You can now download the versions below:

Download S.P.G.B.  (Italian version)
Download S.P.G.B. (Spanish version)

International Suicide Prevention
a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit


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