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Moving at the speed of the United States Government?

Can’t help but think that I'm like Indiana Jones in the movie “The Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  At the end of the movie Indiana Jones is asking what has become of the, “Ark of the Covenant”?  Government officials tell Mr. Jones that they have their top experts working on it.  Mr. Jones says, “I’m the top expert?”  The scene switches to the Ark being boxed up and put into a giant warehouse with millions of other similar boxes to be forgotten about.

After years of hearing that the suicide rates in the military keep going up I worked on a quick, easy, low cost, and self-help way for individuals to prevent their own suicide?  I sent this self-help pocket guide to our heads at the Pentagon as a viable solution to this tragic problem, and I get this letter back?

Months later, and millions of tax dollars spent on inadequate and antiquated solutions, and more importantly, hundreds of more military death’s later I’m still waiting for a real response. Now, I'm tired of waiting for our government to ask for my assistance, and this is why I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.  I’m raising money to print and send our troops the endorsed self-help pocket “Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet”.  Someone has to do something, as repeating the same mistake over and over again expecting a different result is called INSANITY!

So, what do you think?  Do you want to be a part of the solution? One dollar equals help for one soldier.

Update! It's now July 19, 2014 and still no contact with the U.S. Department of Defense? And, its now been three months, and an estimated 100 soldiers killed by self inflicted injuries later!  How many have to die before we do something different?


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