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Miley Cyrus suicide hoax

We are always going to have people acting insensitive to the fact that suicide is not funny, or to be used as a means to profiteer.   But, the situation can be used to bring the sensitive subject and report ways for those that are experiencing suicidal thoughts new solutions.

I’ve spent many days cleaning up suicide scenes for families that do not have money, or the insurance to have this work done, and there is nothing pleasant about doing it.  I only do it because I know it puts those who were close, or related, in the highest risk group for future suicides.  If you clean up a suicide scene of a loved one, or a close friend, the experience will stay with you for life if you don’t get desensitized afterwards.  Those that don’t get desensitized are 75% more likely to attempt suicide than the general population.

If you have ever cleaned up a suicide scene of a loved one please tell someone about the experience as this is the quickest way to remove some of the sensitivity.  I know that it is hard to bring up this subject in a casual conversation but, the relief you get afterwards is well worth it.


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