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Honoring Mr. Robin Williams as my inspiration for new suicide self-help

This is a draft of a proposed Proclamation for the State of Nevada.
The purpose of this draft is to demonstrate to the surviving Robin Williams family my desire to honor a great man that has inspired me.  Because of Mr. Williams influence over me, after hearing of his death, I released new procedures years ahead of schedule that remove the cause of suicidal thoughts. These procedures I developed over the past three decades while working in the field of suicide prevention.  These procedures are now available in the form of self-help, and one is called 4 Phase.  4 Phase the newest procedure, it is online, is free, quick, proven, endorsed and anonymous at:
I am looking for this post to be forwarded the surviving Robin Williams family in order to secure an endorsement, of the proposed proclamation (at the bottom of this post), in order for it to be submitted to the Governor of Nevada, prior to August 11, 2015.
I am the president, founder of the nonprofit called In…