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How memories are made...?

Google's new app aiming to end suicide in military and for VETs

New app by Google aiming to lower military, and VET suicides through local nonprofit.| Get the app |
Help lower military suicides now | donate |
Help lower Veteran suicides now | donate |Press Release
August 1, 2013 Google’s One Today App Aims To Make Charitable Donations A More Social, And Frequent, ExperienceDrew OlanoffThursday, April 18th, 2013 4 Comments Today, Google quietly ushered in a new application built on top of its nonprofit arm, The app is called One Today, and it’s currently invite only for Android users at this time. The aim is to get people to donate $1 to different organizations, while getting the complete information about how your donation will be used up front. This is a huge stumbling block for nonprofits usually, as people are afraid that their money won’t actually get spent on making a real difference. One Today aims to change that.
Additionally, One Today has a social component to it, letting you set a cap to how much money you’ll match if your friends d…

The components of a human we can change our reaction to our past!

Mapping the components of a Matthew D. Dovel.

Now with a five minute procedure the emotional value placed on a specific memory of an event, experience, can be removed permanently without long term treatment and/or mind or mood altering chemicals.

This procedure is permanent and has no negative side effects.  Untreated intense emotional suffering can lead to unhealthy behavior like compulsions, phobia's, chemical dependencies, and/or suicidal thoughts.

We have also developed a version of this procedure for those seeking self-help in the new pocket "Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet"!

So, what is your problem?  What is your primary focus, thought, on and do you want to get rid of it?  Easy simple to follow instructions and mental freedom can be yours within minutes!

Endorsed by mental health professionals, doctors and those in advanced studies on human behavior modifications.