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Dustin MacDonald - Trolling Nu-Rekall® and International Suicide Prevention nonprofit

Psychology Today: Suicide Prevent Mobile Device App Being Developed

Funding Needed for the First Self-help Suicide Prevention Treatment app for Mobile Devices - GoFundMe 12,000 teen commit suicide each year, and 24 times this many attempt suicide! Together we can make a difference.
I'm creating the first self-help app for mobile devices to prevent suicides.

I'm a scientist that has been working in the field of suicide prevention for over (3) decades. I have developed a procedure that is tested, quick, and endorsed. The (5) minute procedure, that has already been in use for over a decade, is now ready to be adapted into a mobile app format.

Your financial assistance will make this app for mobile devices a reality in 2017.

It is estimated that over 3,000 people commit suicide, and there are 72,000 attempted suicides each day globally.

Help make this grassroots global impact movement to prevent suicides a reality and contribution now.

Every life matters!

Thank you.

'4 Phase' mental health breakthrough: The 5 New Rules …

Psychology 101: 5 New Rules of the Mind

Originally published on 12/2/2016

Article written by: Matthew D. Dovel

As we learn more and more from the data collected from treating ‘Memory Trauma’ it becomes clear that there are new rules attributed to how the mind processes and holds our memories.

Rule #1
The mind functionality is exactly the same for every human. Regardless of gender, or race, ALL humans store memories exactly the same.

Rule #2
Memories consist of (3) separate linked components; Sensory Data, Emotion, Intensity. In the process of memory creation these components bond together.

Rule #3
The memory component bonding is permanent unless the sequential code is entered to unlock, or alter, the associations between the components.

Rule #4
Any memory with an intensity level above an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest lev…

Mental Illness is a Symptom: Abstract - New Treatments Cure Suicidal Ideation Nu-Rekall(tm)