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Changing the Behavior Matrix

Sigmund Freud theorized that all decision making is based on our desire to seek out pleasure, and avoid pain. As long as someone has a past experience with a hierarchical level above four on a scale of between one and ten, with ten being the most intense, then it will have an influence over the individual’s decisions. This creates a very limited lifestyle; avoidance of any sensory, emotional, or intensity similar to situations and/or circumstances that one is wishing to avoid any recall of, thus causing symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or suicidal ideation.

With Nu-Rekall™ Zero Suicide Systems we take a segment of a person’s past and alter its hierarchy (intensity). It is only required to alter the hierarchy by two degrees at first, and then a natural degradation continues the process ending the segment of targeted memory in zero. The whole process takes a week, but as soon as the process is initiated the survival instinct is deactivated.
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Preventing and wining a war without firing a shot!

War is not good business, and now we can prevent aggressive behavior without ever firing a shot, or throwing a punch. The new smart bombs of the future can target individuals, small fractions, nations, and global mindsets.

A research project originally designed to assist the suicidal has lead to the discovery of an amazing breakthrough; how to permanently and quickly alter behavior, [decisions], with or without the knowledge of those that are being targeted.
Aggression is a learned behavior, and all learned behavior can be traced to an origin of the individual, or group of individuals, and their past memories. Therefore, we can now choose one of the programs developed by Nu-Rekall® advanced mind science technologies, which delivery method would be best, and the desire to act aggressively will be quickly eliminated for those that are targeted. These applications can be employed, for example, to military personnel that have received mental traumas that are linked to P.T.S.…

Linkin Park Suicide

When will we get together and end this madness?

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dead...Commits Suicide

Old psychology is not working! We are living in the dark ages in the treatment of depression and anxiety!


Please read the following information on what we NOW know about saving lives!
Why do people commit suicide? Article from International Suicide Prevention Expert on [Linkedin]

International Suicide Prevention [Help!]

New psychology treatments are single application, quick, and are FREE!

Matthew D. Dovel
Authority; suicide prevention. Nu-Rekall™ spontaneous remission in mental disorders. Mental health activist. Innovator and pioneer. +1 702 743 4340 U.S.A.

Why do people commit suicide?

In the field of psychology there is currently a massive gap between what is being taught, applied and propagated, and the new solutions available for mental disorders.

In order to see the answers you seek, you must first ask the right questions!
Why is not as important as HOW!

Built into the making of each and every human on the planet is an innate characteristic called the survival instinct, which has only one purpose, protect life! Or, keep you safe at all costs.
The survival instinct has three hierarchical threat levels it has been programmed to be aware of; 1) the Soul, 2) the Body, and 3) the Mind. With the highest level of threat being, when the SOUL is in danger.

There is only one way anyone can consciously make the decision to commit suicide! The survival instinct has to be activated to protect the soul from a perceived threat by one, or both of the other two components; the Mind and/or Body.

In order for the MIND to become a threat a disruptive memory must be caus…

Bold Claim or Exciting Discovery: Spontaneous Remission for Mental Disorders

Breakthrough: New treatments for Mental Illnesses Published on June 24, 2017 Authority; suicide prevention. Nu-Rekall™ triggering spontaneous remission in mental disorders. As quickly as a memory is made, we can now unmake it! Just let this information sink in for a minute. Our past mistakes, unresolved issues, and disturbing experiences control our responses, and behaviors. Wouldn't it be nice to quickly address any past issue, memory, or emotional trauma without having to seek therapy, medication, or hospitalization?

Nu-Rekall™ mind science technologies has created a series of treatments that address mental disorders triggering spontaneous remission within minutes. We are now fully addressing symptoms such as: Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideation, Triggers, Phobias, Manic, Bipolar, and P.T.S.D. ALL without any possibility of a re-occurrence.
Nu-Rekall™ mind science technologies procedures have been successfully treating the suicidal for over a decade! Ex…

New treatments for mental disorders creating spontaneous remission

Press Release - June 9, 2017
Paradise, Nevada

Treatments created by Nu-Rekall(tm) mind science technologies is now creating, triggering spontaneous remission for; depression, anxiety, phobias, coping mechanisms, P.T.S.D. and suicidal ideation.


Since 2006, Nu-Rekall(tm) has been treating; depression, anxiety, phobias, P.T.S.D., coping mechanisms, and suicidal ideation. Nu-Rekall(tm) systems are a series of new procedures that can either treat mental disorders and/or modify behavior.
Treatments are all single applicationEfficient: 5 to 20 minutes to administerEffective: initiates spontaneous remissionEasy to teach: no prior mental health educational background needed to learnEndorsed: Mental health professionals and Doctors have endorsed these proceduresSpontaneous Remission occurs within 5 minutes after applicationMultiple delivery systems: facilitated, self-help, and covert.Age(s) 5 to 120Gender neutralityNoninvasive and Non-Medical

Nu-Rekall(tm) training…

Emerging garage startup threatening a trillion dollar industry

Annual costs associated with mental illness globally is in the trillions! But, an amazing discovery is changing the industry curing mental illness without invasive or medical treatments.

Depression alone accounts for one third of this disability. The new report estimates the global cost of mental illness at nearly $2.5T (two-thirds in indirect costs) in 2010, with a projected increase to over $6T by 2030. Source:
'Investment opportunity now available massively effecting the human race.' These are some of the old belief's about mental illness – and, guest what? They're all false! How can mental illness be treated?
As a result, many mental conditions can be effectively treated with one or a combination of the following therapies:
Medication.Psychotherapy.Group therapy.Day treatment or partial hospital treatment.Specific therapies, such as cognitive-behavior therapy and behavior modi…

Discovery: Considered Equal to the Rosetta Stone, but for Behavior

Authority in suicide prevention. Creator of the first ZERO suicide systems Nu-Rekall™. A research study now indicates that the ages of between 6 and 23 are the most vulnerable to developing mental disorders later on in life. Contrary to the belief that we develop mental illnesses from chemical imbalances, genetics, or predisposed mental weaknesses.

Scientist Matthew D. Dovel, working in the field of behavior modification has made an amazing discovery. There is a code that unlocks targeted segments of memory altering their hierarchy thereby changing behavior.

About Matthew D. Dovel
My story begins with my fascination with electronics that started in the late 1970s, after building my first crystal radio receiver.

By the 1990s, I was hacking into corporate, and government computer systems with the goal of not being detected. (To be clear; I was never jailed for my activity or investigated, no criminal background, didn't steal anything, just looked at…