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"Suicidal people are made, not born" - Norman Farberow

Norman Farberow a great psychologist known for being at the forefront of suicide prevention passed away on September 10, 2015, on World Suicide Prevention Day, at the age of 97.

He is quoted as saying, “Suicidal people are made, not born. We can therefore unmake them as we learn more about the roots of self-destructive behavior. Suicide is less a decision than a reaction. I believed that if they could learn what is being reacted to, then we would have an opportunity to interrupt the suicidal impulse."

Scientist Matthew D. Dovel working in the field of human behavioral modification agrees with the late Mr. Farberow. Taking it a step farther Mr. Dovel has created a way for even a child to find and remove the cause of suicidal thoughts.

Go to International Suicide Prevention for more information about this amazing new procedure called '4 Phase' at:

World Suicide Prevention Week 2015: The next BIG thing in Suicide Prevention

The next big thing in suicide prevention doesn't come in the form of another pill.

It's called, '4 Phase' and it is a free, anonymous, quick, endorsed, and proven to work. A method to remove the cause of suicidal thoughts at the source.

September 10, 2015 the President and founder of the nonprofit International Suicide Prevention went on Channel 3 News to talk about how 60,000 people have already experienced the new procedure '4 Phase' that is self-help bypassing stigma.  '4 Phase' was released ahead of schedule due to the loss of Robin Williams and the desire to prevent similar tragedies.

Everyone has 5 minutes to spare! Try '4 Phase' now for yourself, or you can recommend it to a friend or family member: 

A message from International Suicide Prevention a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit.
Serving humanity since 2006.

Warning: Side effects are the real possibility of the loss of depression, anxiety, P.T.S…