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The components of a human we can change our reaction to our past!

Mapping the components of a Matthew D. Dovel.
What are memories made up of? Sensory data and Emotional value attachments......

Now with a five minute procedure the emotional value placed on a specific memory of an event, experience, can be removed permanently without long term treatment and/or mind or mood altering chemicals.

This procedure is permanent and has no negative side effects.  Untreated intense emotional suffering can lead to unhealthy behavior like compulsions, phobia's, chemical dependencies, and/or suicidal thoughts.

We have also developed a version of this procedure for those seeking self-help in the new pocket "Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet"!

So, what is your problem?  What is your primary focus, thought, on and do you want to get rid of it?  Easy simple to follow instructions and mental freedom can be yours within minutes!

Endorsed by mental health professionals, doctors and those in advanced studies on human behavior modifications. 


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Got P.T.S.D.? We can fix that!

Seeking volunteers to demonstrate the power, and speed, of a new single 20 minute treatment, new procedure for ending P.T.S.D.
If you are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Coping Mechanisms or Suicidal Ideation, and are willing to be treated on video to demonstrate the power and speed of a cure, then please send an inquiry to:

This a video sampling of a volunteer Carole Raison of Quebec, Canada during a follow up interview documenting the results of a single treatment for P.T.S.D. This video was taken on 1/12/2017 two weeks after P.M.C.H.O. treatment.

This another video sampling of a volunteer Robyn Ocepek McCeary of Hawaii, USA during a follow up interview documenting the results of a single treatment for P.T.S.D.. This video was taken on 1/12/2017, one week after P.M.C.H.O. treatment.

This is not a temporary fix. The procedure we are documenting as a viable solution for exposure to trauma…