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As someone who has died already, twice, it shouldn’t be too surprising to know that I’m certain that a third death is in my future.  And, that leaving a lasting legacy is not far behind my concern of an imminent death.  I say imminent because, there are no guarantees that I’ll be alive at the end of this day?  And, time is limited as I haven’t heard of anyone recently living past the age of around 115?  Therefore, I can only assume than that my time left here is very narrow and that no time should be wasted in accomplishing my purpose.
In one hundred years from now who will remember you were even here?  If you are remembered, what will they remember you for? Will your life be summed up as being mediocre at best, extremely bad, or for having created a positive change for mankind?  These are difficult if not shocking questions for most to digest, and then most will just push these thoughts deep down into the subconscious hopefully to be forgotten.  Few are afforded the luxury of passing into oblivion, and if you were to have died like I have, you would understand the weight of what I’m stating.  But, be certain of this, you will die!
We all have special gifts we bring with us into this existence, and you may or may not be aware of what your gift or gifts are?  What is important is that you find out what your gift(s) is and share it with others.  If your gift is love, or a smile, take it where people appreciate and need that gift.  If it is the ability to attract money, share that money while you’re still alive and where you’d like to see it spent. Because, after you die your money will be used in ways you couldn’t even imagine, and probably would not approve of.  If you’re a leader, lead.  Don’t complain about the job others in charge are doing especially if you know you can do a better job!  Lead by example and others will naturally follow you.  Take risks and stretch yourself mind body and soul.  Having a gift and not sharing it is like having a secret that can save the lives of those you love, and taking that secret to the grave?
Legacy, it’s a big concept! But, once you’re aware that you will die, one day, for some sooner than later, then your legacy carries an even greater impact.  I’m not judging anyone; I’m just raising the awareness of others as to what is lasting in this existence, and into the next.  Even though we spend our entire lives avoiding pain and seeking pleasure, the greatest joy (pleasure), comes through knowing you’ve helped someone else make their life just a little easier, if only for just a few lasting moments.


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