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Hollywood suicide prevention consultant

Movie stars, actors, actresses, producers, executives, brokers, politicians, and heads of State.  Over two decades of experience of successful suicidal interventions with the rich, politically connected, famous and average Joe’s.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet with many celebrities and to help them overcome the source of their suicidal thoughts.

The number one concern for anyone that is having suicidal thoughts is their need for anonymity, and confidentiality.  The stigma associated with being suicidal can destroy a career overnight.  

I’ve consulted some of the biggest names in Hollywood, yet you will never hear their names from me and I doubt you’ll ever hear my name from them.  Careers could literally be in jeopardy to just be seen with me.  I’ve been hooded, taken to remote locations, smuggled into hotel rooms through back entrances, and have even have had a bogus news crew interview me, all so that a person in a place of power, or public status could get my help.  I don’t mind though. When it comes down to it we are all equal and at times we are all equally in need of another person’s help.

I’ve heard it all and pretty much have seen it all, but every now and then someone surprises me with a new story.  Although it doesn’t matter what your story is, and it is not necessary for me to help anyone to hear it but, in a way I’m sure that there is some sort of relief knowing that someone else knows your deepest darkest secrets.

I attempted suicide myself in 1987, and as a result visited a very dark place that few would ever want to go.  I’ve recovered from that seemingly hopeless state of mind, and now help others to achieve what I have, a quiet consciousness! I’ve learned that happiness is a choice, and that you must take action in order to achieve a continuous state of joy.

Even though I have, and do help those in positions of fame, power, and fortune I will and do help anyone that asks for my assistance.

Confidential, quick, painless, permanent!
Unconventional and holistic.

People I did not meet with, or help: Jett Jackson, Gia Allemand, Freddie Prinze, Lupe Velez, Dana Plato, Anton Furst, George Sanders, Charles Boyer, Andrew Koenig, Spalding Gray, Margaret Sullavan, Richard Jeni, Jonathan Brandis, Peg Entwistle.


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