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What is Nu-Rekall® mind science?

What is Nu-Rekall® mind science?

September 16, 2017
Henderson, Nevada USA

Mental health is a (2) trillion dollar industry with the development of just one pill to treat just one symptom costing over (15) billion dollars to develop but, a recent discovery in how memories affect behavior, we can now go back into a person’s past, and alter a memory, eliminating an unwanted behavior.  The best part about this discovery; it works, is permanent, has been in use for over a decade, is called Nu-Rekall® mind science technologies, is trademarked as a unique system for treating mental disorders, and is noninvasive and is non-medical.  Nu-Rekall® is successfully treating; depression, anxiety, phobias, manic, bipolar, P.T.S.D., and suicidal ideation.

Imagine being able to treat mental health issues by watching your favorite TV show? Or, by listening to a song? Or, by reading a story in the newspaper? Well, it may sound like science fiction but, it’s not.  And, it is now possible with Nu-Rekall®.

Utilizing a newly a discovered memory coding [hence the needed patent], that alters the hierarchy in past targeted memories we can now control precisely unwanted and/or wanted behavior.  With mental health being a trillion dollar annual industry it is important to understand the ramifications of this unique product: This cognitive memory coding is present, and easily accessible in all humans, modifies behavior permanently with 100% accuracy, and 100% of the time.  In use since 2006, we are able to trigger a spontaneous remission in; depression, anxiety, phobias, coping mechanisms, P.T.S.D., manic behavior, and suicidal ideation. With the ability to control behavior we can control human choice effecting our core beliefs about; social, political, religious and products.  This memory coding is also vital for the future development of artificial intelligence thus creating another source for passive revenue.

Nu-Rekall® is literal for creating a new recall of past memories, which control human responses [behavior], and the cause of most mental disorders (85%), and is unique in its speed with a singular application process, that can be administered in one of three ways; facilitated, self-administered, and covertly.  The publicly released procedures [evidence based but, unpublished study ISP 2006], and training course [replicating results 2016, in use currently; USA, UK, and China], have all been copyrighted.
Reference articles:
  • International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience (2015), ‘Suicidal People are Made Not Born!’ Vol. 17, No.3, pp. 661-663, ISSN 1522-4821
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  • Psychiatrist, Geriatric Psychiatry and Counseling Psychology, [December 2016] San Antonio, USA Mental illness is a symptom: the new treatments and methodology solution Nu-Rekall.
Other Articles:
  • Matthew D. Dovel, President and Founder of International Suicide Prevention (non profit)
  • Editorial Board Member of the 'Journal for Cognitive Neuropsychology'
  • Editorial Board Member of the 'International Journal of Emergency Mental Health'
  • Scientist in Human Behavioral Modification 
  • Dedicating my life’s work to understanding and preventing suicide, educational services to reduce suicide rates, providing post-suicide support for families and providing tested evidence based solutions for; depression, anxiety, phobias, manic, bipolar, P.T.S.D., and suicidal ideation.
In 2005, Dovel delivered Suicide Intervention training at the Cree Reservation in Oujé-Bougoumou, Canada and the 4 Phase technique reduced suicides from 1 non-fatal attempt per and 1 fatal outcome per month to 1 non-fatal attempt per month and ZERO fatal outcomes in the subsequent six months.

About Nu-Rekall®

Advanced Nu-Rekall® past-memory cognitive hierarchical override systems that trigger spontaneous remission in mental disorders. Training, lectures, interviews, certifications and workshops are now available in limited quantities.
Nu-Rekall® became a registered trademark brand name and new system for treating mental disorders on July 18, 2017.

Certification in cognitive neuropsychology cognition Nu-Rekall® mind science technologies:

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What is Nu-Rekall Mind Science? - Dustin K MacDonald


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