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Dustin MacDonald - Trolling Nu-Rekall® and International Suicide Prevention nonprofit

The Psychopath

If you haven’t met a psychopath yet eventually you will, as they make up about 4% of the world population.  Again, people are not born this way! People become psychopathic through learned behavior.  A psychopath is created through a conditioned process that can be one or all inclusive; visual, physical, verbal or mental abuse.

Recently, after becoming more public with my findings in treating mental illness, and promoting Nu-Rekall® systems, I attracted the attention of a psychopathic individual, but there is a more modern term for the psychopath today, ‘Internet Troll’.

If you are in the business of psychology for any period of time you will eventually attract a psychopath.

I normally would just ignore this individual but, he has made some outrageous claims utilizing his vivid imagination to fill in gaps in my published work to draw attention to him in an attempt to appear more intelligent than he is (one of the goals of a psychopath).

In order to avoid any cognitive bias tendencies to get triggered in those that may come across this individual’s Dustin MacDonald's blog listed here, I will now list the FACTS on the false claims and statements that have been publish about me, International Suicide Prevention, and Nu-Rekall®.

What is Nu-Rekall Mind Science?  Facts!

Mental health is a (2) trillion dollar industry with the development of just one pill to treat just one symptom costing over (15) billion dollars to develop but, a recent discovery in how memories affect behavior, we can now go back into a person’s past and alter a memory eliminating unwanted behavior.  The best part about this discovery; it works, is permanent, has been in use for over a decade, is called Nu-Rekall® mind science technologies, is trademarked as a unique system for treating mental disorders, it is noninvasive, and is non-medical.  Nu-Rekall® is successfully treating; depression, anxiety, phobias, manic, bipolar, P.T.S.D., and suicidal ideation.

And, now - Dustin MacDonald's Blog Trolling:

The most disturbing part of a psychopath is when they find their way into the mental health business. By the way, the psychopath I’m going to be referring to during this statement has given himself the title: Director of Online Support and Communication for Distress Centre Durham, Canada.   
Dustin MacDonald: 21 years of age?

The ‘Internet Troll’ diagnosis and traits: “Dark Tetrad” of personality traits: sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism, a psychological term used to describe those who manipulate and trick others for personal gain.  Source:
In the Blog of Dustin K Macdonald he has mounted an attack through the internet towards the Zero Suicide Systems Nu-Rekall™.  
  • Mr. Macdonald refers to himself as a ‘Reporter’? Mr. Macdonald is Not a ‘reporter’, and has clearly fabricated the title to create the illusion of authority and fact finding, which he uses to mislead others into thinking he is somebody that he is clearly not!  All of his writing, opinions, are based off of his young, and extremely limited experience, being unable to consider dynamic, innovative outside the known range of published information thinking. 
  •  Mr. Macdonald has NEVER interviewed me, so his claim of an interview is completely FALSE.
  • I was first labeled a ‘suicide prevention expert’ by The United States Congressman Bob Doman on his Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio show The Bob Doman Show, on July 16, 2004 . I just released my book the year prior covering Near-Death Experiences and suicide prevention called, ‘My Last Breath’ wherein I talk about my suicide attempt in 1987. Mr. Doman referred to me as a ‘Suicide Prevention Expert’ based off of my knowledge of the subject at the time of the interview.
  • All of my print, radio, internet and television appearances on life after death have included talks about suicide prevention. The book is a platform to initiate a discussion about the taboo topic of suicide.  Sources and links to interviews and prior work: can be found at 
“As seen on: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN, Coast to Coast, Good Morning America, 20/20.” 
  • Good Moring America and 20/20 interview July 13, 2007, viewed by over 6,000,000 – I was investigated by abc for (6) months prior to airing this episode.  6 minutes into the show it talks about my suicide prevention work: Also, if you go to abc’s website today at the following link, you will find a link to International Suicide Prevention referenced during the episode: Interview on ‘Coast to Coast’ with George Noory on July 16, 2004, .  Topics discussed were; Near-death experiences and suicide prevention

    Some news clips of advanced mind science technologies - news interviews with Mr. Dovel on suicide prevention (10yrs.) and treatments:

    *All of the above information was excluded purposefully from Mr. MacDonald's limited, and distorted research.

    • My academic background was brought in to question but, I really don’t want it to be covered publicly but, it is available upon the request from known REAL journalists, and reporters, or during the training I conduct.  The point being that if I listed all of my studies I’d need to write a book to cover everything as it stretches over (3) decades, (longer that Mr. Macdonald has been alive). But, I will tell you that during my days at the University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV), my IQ was tested: My score was 163 in 1989.  I have rarely shared this information as it can create a gap and barrier between you and those that are seeking out your help, intelligence can be intimidating, and have stigma of its own.  And, I also don’t put much credence into IQ tests:

      • As far as my formal suicide training background; I have attending many training courses and I have found them to be completely useless in the treatment of suicidal ideation.  Therefore, I wouldn’t list, nor recommend anything that would propagate suicidal tendencies and/or offer a viable solution.

      • Since March 2015, I have sat on the Editorial Board of the prestigious International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience which is published by OMICS Group (True).  Again, when someone doesn’t do their research and makes claims publicly about known mental health journals for the publishing of respected mental health professionals, it is very disturbing and concerning to me.

      • On September 1, 2017 I was invited, and accepted an Editorial Board seat of the prestigious Journal of Cognitive Neuropsychology.  It is a great honor to be asked to join these journals and to share my limited knowledge with other professionals.
    • International Suicide Prevention a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit.

    a.      ISP was NOT established to create a profit.  It was created to educate, help the suicidal, and assist those left behind.  It is true that ISP has never in 10 years exceeded $25,000.00 in real cash donations.  It has done all that it states and more with less than most single salaries in the nonprofit industry.
    b.      It is TRUE that I have answered the suicide prevention line personally since January 2006, 24/7.  This may seem unrealistic but, it is true. I have not had a day off since January 2006. If you are not committed to making a difference you would never understand why or how someone could or would want to do this.  Getting calls from all over the world and at all times of day are the norm for me?  Yes, I have done this, and those that know me know this to be true.  Call me now and find out its very simple! +1 702 743 4340. (If I don't answer, I'm on the line with someone that is suicidal, call back).
    c.      Those that I trust implicitly are those that also endorse me.

    List of those that have contributed to ISP:

    • There are no peer preview studies for Nu-Rekall®.   If anyone would like to discuss this, please feel free to contact me.  I don’t hide myself from those in the field of science, or academia, and welcome open discussions about my processes.
    • The rest of Mr. Dustin Macdonald comments are opinions based on limited knowledge of how the mind works limiting his understanding of advanced psychology.
    Mr. Macdonald’s ‘Best Practices and Policies’.

    a.       Mr. Macdonald is not qualified, and is without authority, to give any suggestions on an organization like International Suicide Prevention that has a reputation of respect, and without complaint.
    b.      These are state leaders from Nevada USA that have been listed on our web site for years, and allow their names and photos to be listed.  
    Note: Nevada; Governor, US Congresswoman, and Las Vegas Mayor allow their names, and photo to appear on the International Suicide Prevention website for years: I don't know of a single politician that would allow their photos to be displayed in association with someone that was or is perpetrating a fraud of any kind therefore, they would have the photos removed immediately!
    1.       Congresswoman Representative for Nevada Dina Titus
    2.       Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval
    3.       Mayor Carolyn Goodman of Las Vegas, Nevada

    Supporting our work in Nevada, and globally, you can find these distinguished politicians on this link, standing with me the president, and founder of ISP:
    In closing; I have listed most of the rantings of a psychopath in order to create a factual document pertaining to misinformation.  If one thing is incorrect about statements made by Mr. Macdonald, and I’ve listed several errors by him above, than none of his statements are true.

    This document also serves as a public notice that Mr. Macdonald shouldn’t be in any type of human related public services related work field, as it gives him access to those that are in a weakened state of mind and body, presenting an opportunity to cause great and grieves harm.

    I’m listing all known links to Mr. Macdonald so, that if others do a web search on him that they find this warning; My professional opinion of working in the mental health field for over (3) decades is that Mr. Macdonald exhibits untreated Psychopathic tendencies requiring caution, and should not now nor ever be in the field of suicide prevention, or the care of youth.

    Publications by Matthew D. Dovel
    International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience (2015), ‘Suicidal People are Made Not Born!’ Vol. 17, No.3, pp. 661-663, ISSN 1522-4821

    International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience(2015), ‘Suicide is a Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem’, Vol. 17, No.2, pp. 546-547, ISSN 1522-4821

    Reference articles: by Matthew D. Dovel
    Matthew D. Dovel, President & Founder of International Suicide Prevention (non profit), Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Scientist in Human Behavioral Modification has dedicated his life’s work to understanding and preventing suicide, education services to reduce suicide rates, providing post-suicide support for families and providing tested result based solutions for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and suicidal ideation.

    In 2005, Dovel delivered Suicide Intervention training at the Cree Reservation in Oujé-Bougoumou, Canada and the 4 Phase technique reduced suicides from 1 non-fatal attempt per and 1 fatal outcome per month to 1 non-fatal attempt per month and ZERO fatal outcomes in the subsequent six months.

    About Nu-Rekall®

    Advanced Nu-Rekall™ past-memory cognitive hierarchical override system training is now available in limited quantities.

    To learn more about Nu-Rekall® advanced memory systems please contact:

    Matthew D. Dovel
    1736 E. Charleston Blvd. #301
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
    +1 702 743 4340 U.S.A.


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