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Preventing and wining a war without firing a shot!

War is not good business, and now we can prevent aggressive behavior without ever firing a shot, or throwing a punch. The new smart bombs of the future can target individuals, small fractions, nations, and global mindsets.

A research project originally designed to assist the suicidal has lead to the discovery of an amazing breakthrough; how to permanently and quickly alter behavior, [decisions], with or without the knowledge of those that are being targeted.

Aggression is a learned behavior, and all learned behavior can be traced to an origin of the individual, or group of individuals, and their past memories. Therefore, we can now choose one of the programs developed by Nu-Rekall® advanced mind science technologies, which delivery method would be best, and the desire to act aggressively will be quickly eliminated for those that are targeted.

These applications can be employed, for example, to military personnel that have received mental traumas that are linked to P.T.S.D., and for violent offenders and/or entire prison populations. This rehabilitation for the pacification in the desire to harm others is revolutionary in the field of mental health.

Covert delivery systems; radio, internet, TV, printed articles.

Just imagine being able to target an aggressive world leader determined to cause death, and destruction, to millions of innocent people suddenly changing their mind to do so? And, it is all because they saw a photo, read a paragraph, watched a movie, listened to a radio program, or watched the news. This is how simple the new smart bombs of the future are, and they're untenable.

This is not science fiction! These procedures developed by Nu-Rekall® are, and have been, successfully treating; depression, anxiety, phobias, unwanted coping mechanisms, P.T.S.D., and suicidal ideation since 2006.

So, you're probably wondering why we are not using this technology now to end conflicts around the world? There are (2) reasons why. 1. This is a very big question that requires much thought before proceeding; Is it ethical to alter the behavior of those that are unaware of their being targeted? 2. If we did do this, and started to doing this as a common practice, who would be responsible for the implementation of such future smart bombs, and/or pacification technologies?

Article first appeared in the professional network LinkedIn:  "Preventing and wining a war without firing a shot!" by @MatthewDDovel on @LinkedIn

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Matthew D. Dovel, President & Founder of International Suicide Prevention (non profit), Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Scientist in Human Behavioral Modification has dedicated his life’s work to understanding and preventing suicide, education services to reduce suicide rates, providing post-suicide support for families and providing tested result based solutions for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and suicidal ideation.

In 2005, Dovel delivered Suicide Intervention training at the Cree Reservation in Oujé-Bougoumou, Canada and the 4 Phase technique reduced suicides from 1 non-fatal attempt per and 1 fatal outcome per month to 1 non-fatal attempt per month and ZERO fatal outcomes in the subsequent six months.

About Nu-Rekall®
Advanced Nu-Rekall® past-memory cognitive hierarchical override system that triggers spontaneous remission in mental disorders. Training, lectures, interviews, certifications, and workshops are now available in limited quantities.
Nu-Rekall® became a registered trademark brand name and new system for treating mental disorders on July 18, 2017.

To learn more about Nu-Rekall® advanced memory systems please contact:

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Matthew D. Dovel


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