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Executive Summary for Nu-Rekall®


Name:  Matthew David Dovel           
Business name or dba (TBD): Nu-Rekall®
Phone number (office, cell): US +1 702 743 4340
Email address:

Project Description

Seeking seed money to fast track the necessary patenting, regulatory requirements, and clinical trials to get approval for classification as an evidence-based treatment [EBT].


Product Description

Mental health is a (2) trillion dollar industry with the development of just one pill to treat just one symptom costing over (15) billion dollars to develop but, a recent discovery in how memories affect behavior, we can now go back into a person’s past and alter a memory eliminating unwanted behavior.  The best part about this discovery; it works, is permanent, has been in use for over a decade, is called Nu-Rekall® mind science technologies, is trademarked as a unique system for treating mental disorders, it is noninvasive, and is non-medical.  Nu-Rekall® is successfully treating; depression, anxiety, phobias, manic, bipolar, P.T.S.D., and suicidal ideation.

Imagine being able to treat mental health issues by watching your favorite TV show? Or, by listening to a song? Or, by reading a story in the newspaper? Well, it may sound like science fiction but, it’s not.  And, it is now possible with Nu-Rekall®.

Utilizing a newly a discovered memory coding [hence the needed patent], that alters the hierarchy in past targeted memories we can now control precisely unwanted and/or wanted behavior.  With mental health being a trillion dollar annual industry it is important to understand the ramifications of this unique product: This cognitive memory coding present, and easily accessible in all humans, modifies behavior permanently with 100% accuracy, and 100% of the time.  In use since 2006, we are able to trigger a spontaneous remission in; depression, anxiety, phobias, coping mechanisms, P.T.S.D., manic behavior, and suicidal ideation. With the ability to control behavior we can control human choice effecting our core beliefs about; social, political, religious and products.  This memory coding is also vital for the future development of artificial intelligence thus creating another source for passive revenue.

Nu-Rekall® is literal for creating a new recall of past memories, which control human responses [behavior], and the cause of most mental disorders (85%), and is unique in its speed with a singular application process, that can be administered in one of three ways; facilitated, self-administered, and covertly.  The publicly released procedures [evidence based but, unpublished study ISP 2006], and training course [replicating results 2016, in use currently; USA, UK, and China], have all been copyrighted.

Heavily affecting the following areas of industries;
Marketing, Mental health, Artificial Intelligence, Social, Political, Religious, Military, Law Enforcement, Educational Systems, and Rehabilitation programs.


Copyrighted procedures and training process.
Patentable mind source coding for altering past targeted memories.
Trademarked name and system Nu-Rekall®.
Nu-Rekall® patent [Once filed]


Matthew David Dovel

Credit Score/Summary

Concerning the results of running my credit score; my profile is and has been flagged by a couple of government agencies for years now: DOD, and DOJ [maybe others] because, over the past decade I’ve worked with; U.S. Congressmen [staff and families], U.S. Senators [staff and families], high ranking military and their families in conjunction with this technology.

Management Background/Years of experience with projects of this nature.  Success rate in projects like this in the past.
This project is the work of over three decades in research and development.  Working with individuals on a daily bases for over the past decade experiencing the most extreme of mental disorders (suicidal Ideation), never before has anyone been able to trigger a spontaneous remission in the suicidal with 100% success.  Nu-Rekall® is truly revolutionizing the mental health industry on a global scale.
·         Evidence based video documenting the effectiveness of Nu-Rekall® systems are available upon request.

Financial Information, including projected Cash Flow

The purpose of obtaining these funds is to fast track the tapping of readily available funding to those that qualify in the following revenue sources.The current annual global cost for mental health is over (2T) trillion dollars, (6T) trillion by 2030.
  • The U.S. government provides over $400,000,000.00 in grants each year for suicide prevention research.  
  • Global spending on advertising in 2016: $542,000,000,000.00 billion growing by 5.7% annually .
  •  IDC estimates that revenue for cognitive and artificial intelligence systems will top $47 billion by 2020 – IDC.
Other sources of revenue are education services for certification by mental health professionals, medical personnel, military applications, and law enforcement agencies.  U.S. Market: 50,000 Psychiatrists, 180,000 Psychologists, 5,000 new Psychologist each year.  Nu-Rekall® average training projected at $2,000.00 each with minimal annual re-certification.


Exit Strategy(s)/Plan for Repayment/Failure is not an option

1. Obtain investors
2. Sell interest in project
3. IPO
4. Government Grants, Marketing projects, Political projects, Social projects, Religious projects, A.I. projects.

Market Definition

Massively effecting humanity Nu-Rekall® systems will eventually impact every single human on the planet at some point in history.  This goal can easily be obtained now with the use of mobile applications on smart devices, radio, video, printed articles, and advertising.  Guiding behavior will quickly bring Nu-Rekall® systems, a new industry, into the forefront of globalization.


Marketing Plan

Client marketing will begin once patent is filed: Within first (2) months
Marketing on a global scale Nu-Rekall® will target; educational system(s) schools, first responders, military, and social services.
Training services (online reaching a global market quickly) – Medical personnel, mental health professionals, educators, and first responders.
Fast tracking mobile application development with scheduled release within first year.

Documentation Available

Please indicate which of the following are currently available:
[X]       Completed Business Plan
[X]       Resumes of the Management
[X]       Expected Breakdown use of funds
[X]       Evidence based documentation on products
[X]       White Paper Nu-Rekall®

Other Information
Funding is only for the purpose of fast tracking the requirements for federal funding(s) currently available, and for obtaining the immediate patent lock on the rights for the memory coding.
Obtaining the patent rights is currently in motion.  Once the patent has been filed, with or without investors and/or loan, the need for this funding request will be nullified.

What Are The Current Challenges Surrounding The Project?
As this is new technology and industry properly educating those in the field of mental health will take time and money.  This new industry is in the chasm of Roger’s innovation adaptive curve.

What Are The Current Strengths Of The Project?
Nu-Rekall® is well established and has been in use for over a decade as the primary source of treating mental disorders at International Suicide Prevention a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit since 2006.
Documented treatments and their success are available upon request.
Nu-Rekall® was granted a trademark for name and unique system for treating mental disorders 2017.
Nu-Rekall® procedures and training methodologies are copyrighted.
Below is a well established network of professional contacts over the past decade and compromise my dedication, commitment and desire to make a difference in this world.

National Council for Behavioral Health [65 connections]

World Health Organization (WHO) [14 connections]

U.S. Army Arlington [58 connections]

U.S. Department of State (International Affairs) [5 connections]

American Psychological Association (140,000 members)[5]

British Psychological Society [11 connections]

DOD (Department of Defense) [32 connections]

DOJ (Department of Justice) [10 connections]

Joint Chiefs of Staff (Pentagon) [Venting since 2013]

U.S. Senators [3 direct connections]

U.S. Congressmen including the head of DOD committee [3 direct connections]

White House (Venting Process Initiated in 2013) [re-established 4/2017]

FBI (Venting Process Initiated in 2013)

Governor of Nevada, [Brian Sandoval]

Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada [Carolyn Goodman]

L.V.M.P.D. Nevada (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) [3 personal police department psychiatrists contacts]

U.S. Department of Homeland Security [18 connections]

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs [43 connections]

Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia [16 connections]

*Verification on most of these connections can be found on professional account at LinkedIn:


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