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Got P.T.S.D.? We can fix that!

Seeking volunteers to demonstrate the power, and speed, of a new single 20 minute treatment, new procedure for ending P.T.S.D.

If you are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Coping Mechanisms or Suicidal Ideation, and are willing to be treated on video to demonstrate the power and speed of a cure, then please send an inquiry to:

This a video sampling of a volunteer Carole Raison of Quebec, Canada during a follow up interview documenting the results of a single treatment for P.T.S.D. This video was taken on 1/12/2017 two weeks after P.M.C.H.O. treatment.

This another video sampling of a volunteer Robyn Ocepek McCeary of Hawaii, USA during a follow up interview documenting the results of a single treatment for P.T.S.D.. This video was taken on 1/12/2017, one week after P.M.C.H.O. treatment.

This is not a temporary fix. The procedure we are documenting as a viable solution for exposure to trauma has been in use for over 10 years at International Suicide Prevention a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit charity. The procedures utilized past-memory cognitive hierarchical override.

Do you know someone who, or you, is having symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, unhealthy coping mechanisms, P.T.S.D. and/or suicidal ideation? A treatment that has been in use for over a decade is now available that removes these symptoms in under 20 minutes.
  • Treatment can be facilitated from anywhere in the world utilizing video conferencing technologies.
  • Treatments are noninvasive and non-medical.
  • For ages 5 to 105.
  • Male or female.
  • Treatments target the cause of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, coping mechanisms, phobias, P.T.S.D. and/or Suicidal Ideation. This is achieved through Past-Memory Cognitive Hierarchical Override or [P.M.C.H.O.].
It’s not about what you have done, what was done to you, what you didn’t do, heard, felt, smelled, tasted, or saw. It is ALL about the emotion that is attached to your past experiences. After being treated, [you are still going to remember your past experiences but, not the pain!].

It is normal to have fear when thinking about a cure since most have been told that there is NO hope, and the most you can ever hope for is being able to manage your discomfort. And, you might be fearing who you will be afterwards, as some have totally excepted the current state of mind as just the way it is. Your identity might be completely surrounded by your condition. After receiving the treatment utilizing the Nu-Rekall system there is amnesic effects that erase any memory of the intensity one might have felt prior to treatment. Effects are immediate with a natural degradation in trauma emotional attachment completing within one week.

Requirements for volunteering;
  1. Be willing to undergo tested, and endorsed, advanced behavior modification procedures.
  2. Be off of mood or mind altering chemicals, drugs, and/or alcohol for 24 hours prior to treatment. [We are NOT suggesting, instructing, or telling you or, anyone else to STOP taking medication! If you are on medication, this procedure is not for you. If in the future you are not on medication, then please feel free to contact us.]
  3. Be willing to be videotaped on Zoom video conferencing.
  4. Give permission to have your name and videotape shared with others. [ Video Photo Release Form ]
  5. Be willing to have (2) follow up videotapes demonstrating procedure results that remove re-occurrence of past memory trauma and the symptoms.

This is a request for volunteers to be videotaped for instructional courses, educational presentations or courses, conference presentations, on-line educational courses, educational videos, demonstration videos.

If you are looking for help with depression, anxiety, phobias, coping mechanisms and/or suicidal ideation WITHOUT being recorded, you can still contact us and receive FREE anonymous assistance. We do not track, record, or document those that contact us without prior written permission.
  • International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience (2015), ‘Suicidal People are Made Not Born!’ Vol. 17, No.3, pp. 661-663, ISSN 1522-4821
  • International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience(2015), ‘Suicide is a Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem’, Vol. 17, No.2, pp. 546-547, ISSN 1522-4821
  • Psychiatrist, Geriatric Psychiatry and Counseling Psychology, December 08-09, 2016 San Antonio, USA Mental illness is a symptom: the new treatments and methodology solution Nu-Rekall. Source: Psychiatrist, Geriatric Psychiatry and Counseling Psychology.
Matthew D. Dovel, President & Founder of International Suicide Prevention (non profit), Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Scientist in Human Behavioral Modification has dedicated his life’s work to understanding and preventing suicide, education services to reduce suicide rates, providing post-suicide support for families and providing tested result based solutions for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and suicidal ideation.

In 2005, Dovel delivered Suicide Intervention training at the Cree Reservation in Oujé-Bougoumou, Canada and the 4 Phase technique reduced suicides from 1 non-fatal attempt per and 1 fatal outcome per month to 1 non-fatal attempt per month and ZERO fatal outcomes in the subsequent six months.
About Nu-Rekall™
  • Advanced Nu-Rekall™ past-memory cognitive hierarchical override system training is now available in limited quantities.
  • It's not about forgetting the past, its about changing the way we react to it.

To learn more about Nu-Rekall™ advanced memory systems please contact:

"What kind of evidence is more powerful than a live demonstration?" M.D.
"Mediocrity, and acceptance of the unacceptable, is death to the soul." M.D.
Courses, are now available to learn Zero Suicide Systems Nu-Rekall advanced mind science technologies.

Matthew D. Dovel
1736 E. Charleston Blvd. #301
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
+1 702 743 4340 U.S.A.
Nu-Rekall web site and link to release form: [ Video Photo Release Form ]


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