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Psychology Today: The Suicide Switch

Psychology Today: The Suicide Switch

Why I’m considered the world’s leading authority in suicide prevention?

About me: Matthew D. Dovel
Unrelated to traditional psychologist, I have a heavy background in computer science going back to the 1980’s when I was diagnosing computer circuit boards and writing computer programming well into the 1990’s. I operated a computer consulting business starting in 1990, semi-retired now, and was what is called a hacker. I explored networks that didn’t involve taking information, or destructive behavior (more or less just for my personal entertainment).

So, when I started looking into the mechanics of the mind in 1987 my prospective was one of a technician, not a psychologist.

I immediately could see that the mind was just computer code, and programming. And, that the mind is nothing more than linked hard drives where data can be written, rewritten and erased. Programs run in the background that determine the location, and file sizes of our memories. The mind is undoubtedly mechanical.

With my discovery of a memory code, that can change the size of memories, and the storage locations, we can create a whole new world. 


 On the bright side, we can alter the size of traumatic event memories by compressing them until they free fall into our sub consciousness. By doing so, we change behavior, and remove unwanted nasty side effects like depression, anxiety, phobias, and coping mechanisms.
I wrote software, diagnosed and designed circuitry, hacked into computer mainframes, and analyzed computer networks. The mind is actually much more simple to understand than getting around advanced network firewalls.

On the dark side, by learning the secretes of mind, and how to manipulate select experiences, we can also increase the size of a memory trauma, creating new behavior, obsessions, desires, and motivations to suit the needs of the few; corporations, marketing, political agendas, religious agendas, etc.

The mind, just like a computer system; the storage, alterations, and placement of memories is done extremely fast, within minutes.

We are on the verge of being able to treat millions by alleviating the most severe of mental trauma that one can experience by simply listening to a song, watching a sitcom, playing a video game, or reading a story in the newspaper that have all been embedded with a simple cognitive hierarchical overriding suggestion.

This may all sound like science fiction but, I teach the principles of modern mind mechanics in my ‘Zero suicide system called Nu-Rekall™’. There are three procedures I teach that take from 5 to 20 minutes to administer with extremely amazing results in behavior modification. The methodology is sound science based on researching an array of outside the box back doors of the mind, and evidence (results).

The truth is that it should be impossible to commit suicide? We have a fail-safe mechanism, a program, built into our basic primal innate human DNA called the survival instinct. Survival instinct is designed to fight any danger to the body with any and all means available in order to preserve life. So, how is it that we can kill ourselves? This is just one of the mysteries I have solved, and you will learn when you take my training in how to STOP suicidal thoughts in their tracks, for good!

Disengaging suicidal ideation only takes five minutes with the procedure ‘4 Phase’ that can be administered, or used in self-help to avert stigma. This procedure, and why it works, is also taught in my training class. You will be able to treat suicidal ideation in a matter of minutes without medication, long term treatment, and/or invasive procedures.
Seeing the mind like it is a computer has allowed me to see past the issues of mental illness and how we have always addressed them as being impossible to fix. I also was told the same thing when I would read on my computer screen, ‘access denied’. Believe me, there is always a way!

Matthew D Dovel
President, Founder International Suicide Prevention
International Suicide Prevention
702 743 4340


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