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Lies we tell ourselves...

Have you ever listened to your enter dialogue?

What you’re saying to yourself maybe keeping your life in a rut.  Break free now from the lies told to you as a child.  Yes, you can; loose those unwanted pounds, get that dream job, travel to and see exotic places or, find someone special to share your love with. 

Call out the lies told to you as a child.  You’ve repeated these thoughts so many times that your only defense against them was to start ignoring them.

Today, pay attention to reoccurring; images in your head, things you say to yourself, and uncomfortable feelings.

Write them down as soon as you are aware of them!

Then; say, see, or feel the opposite 4 times quickly!


I’m ugly; I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful!

I’m stupid; I am smart, I am smart, I am smart, I am smart!

I’ll never find a love; I am lovable, I am lovable, I am lovable, I am lovable!

Keep saying, seeing, and feeling the changes until the enter dialogue shuts up!

You may have a lot of things to work on so, be patient, and keep moving forward!


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