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World Suicide Prevention Week 2015

I believe I'm the world’s leading suicide prevention expert!

If you think your the best, and can fix someone’s suicidal ideation in under 5 minutes, than I will admit I was wrong.

If I can’t fix someone’s suicidal ideation in under 5 minutes, than they don’t want to be fixed! 80% of those seeking help for suicidal ideation want help!

I’m the creator of the first self-help for the suicidal.  Matthew D. Dovel, scientist specializing in human behavioral modification for the past 30 years.

September 6 through 12 is World suicide prevention week.
September 10 is world suicide prevention day.

Share the good news about anonymous, free, proven, endorsed, and permanent self-help for those suffering from depression, anxiety, P.T.S.D. and suicidal thoughts.


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Emotional experiences can trigger the survival instinct, giving you that feeling of wanting to die.

Ever wonder how we can kill ourselves? Literally, commit suicide? We have a built in program that protects us from danger, tells us to seek out food, and to find a mate.  It's called our survival instinct, and it lives in the unconscious mind.

The trigger for our survival instinct is called the intensity level of an experience.When we have an experience that is not related to sex, food, or danger, and its has an intensity level of 8 to 10, on a scale of 1 to 10, it triggers our survival instinct.  Emotions are good, intensity is bad, unless it relates to sex, food or danger.

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A new mental health treatment is available online that reduces the intensity level of a past 'Memory Trauma'.  A 'Memory Trauma' is any experience outside the scope of a usual life experience.  Examples of common 'Memory Trauma' are bad experiences in with: Relational, Financial, and Physical.

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