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Breaking News: World Suicide Prevention Day 2015 Breakthough Science

Press Release: Immediate Release
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 10th, 2015 / (during the noon live broadcast)

During the noon broadcast on News 3 KSNV on World Suicide Prevention Day a scientist will discuss a major breakthrough in treating suicide ideation with self-help.

Credit being given to Robin Williams for an early release of a life saving procedure called '4 Phase', that wasn't slated for release until 2017.

Discussion to cover: Why, How, What in the field of Suicide Prevention.

Why should you care if people end their own lives?

How a new discovery is making a huge shift in the way we view mental illness?

What is the next big idea in suicide prevention?

Watch New 3 Live on September 10th, 2015 during the noon hour Pacific Standard time online at:

For more information visit International Suicide Prevention at:
Or, call 702 743 4340


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