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How we view suicidal thoughts is all wrong! Expert says a major change is needed!

If you live long enough, experience enough, you too will more likely than not experience, and/or will consider wanting to terminate your presence in this reality.

Now, the part about how we view, perceive someone that is having suicidal thoughts!  Until it is accepted that by having suicidal thoughts is only a symptom, we will never truly move forward in the successful treatments of the suicidal.  To put is simply; by treating the symptom of suicidal thoughts we will never cure their origins! It’s the same thing as during a power outage replacing all the light bulbs thinking that it will fix the flow of electricity!

It is actually a belief among some highly educated individuals that there is no cure for those that have been emotionally compromised, and that the best that anyone can hope for is the managing of the disorders, symptoms.  I don’t blame people for these false beliefs as they have not been given an option and/or solution that work.

I’ve literally seen hundreds complete a five minute process that can be administered, one on one, and/or self-administered in one treatment, removing, eliminating, and relieving individuals permanently of the desire to commit suicide.  This procedure is so effective, without any pain, that the individuals that undergo this very simple process are left with no memory of their desire, or need to commit suicide!

What am I about?  I’m about quality of life!  This reality is very short, and I don’t believe it is necessary to spend a majority of this reality, drugged up (removing the ability to experience the full range of emotions), and/or in long term therapies.

 Emotions are temporary and so are their attachments to our past experiences! Detaching an emotion from an experience takes just five minutes, or less!  You will still have your emotionally traumatizing experiences with all the recorded sensory facts, but after removing the emotions you felt at the time, apathy will replace the pain!

If you are suicidal, depressed, or anxiety ridden, contact me and I’ll help you!  It won’t cost you a dime, just a few minutes of your time.  What do you have to lose?  Oh, and this can be done over the phone!

Matthew D. Dovel
President, International Suicide Prevention
1736 E. Charleston Blvd., #301
Las Vegas, NV 89104
702 743 4340


  1. Lets change the world one person at a time, in a good way!


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