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Money doesn't fix everything! United States Government solutions

United States Military suicides
1990-2000  11.9 per 100,000 per year

Since 2008 we have spent $160 million dollars to fixing the suicide problem in the military!
  • 2009 we had 162 suicides among the active duty military
  • 2010 we had 173
  • 2011 we had 301
  • 2012 we had 349

2013 24 per 100,000 per year!

This situation reminds me of prayer?  
The last thing that we will do when we are in real trouble is usually the thing we should do first.
Self-help ‘Suicide Prevention Guide Booklets’, extremely cheap (FREE), and they work!

Now in eight languages!

International Suicide Prevention
Matthew D. Dovel president


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