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Bullying, Stigma, Judgment...part of the human experience?

I have created a way to bypass stigma associated with telling someone that you are having suicidal thoughts!  To do that you’d have to stay anonymous?  Impossible, no!  Now you can still get the help you need to overcome the cause of suicidal thoughts in less than five minutes, and no one will know but you.  It is a self-help suicide prevention guide available online, FREE, and in nine languages.

Also, for those that are having trouble following the guide by themselves, and still want to stay anonymous by removing the cause of suicidal thoughts, you can contact me directly!  I have five total techniques I’ve developed over my twenty plus years in the field of suicide prevention that are unconventional, and holistic.  I can do over the phone in about thirty minutes and the others require my having a one on one session with you.  All are a one-time procedure, requiring only your time and cooperation.  You’ll never have to see me again and results are guaranteed.

It is very important to understand that just because you are not suicidal that you should think that you will be HAPPY!  Happy is a result of an experience!  Happiness is the result of a choice, lifestyle, attitude and work!  But, first you must remove the brain drains that are taking your focus away from enjoying your experience in this dimension, world.

Matthew D. Dovel
President International Suicide Prevention


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