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Semicolon; Hack Suicide Now

Awareness is DEAD; if you're not providing a real solutions that works quickly, are available to everyone, they're FREE, bypasses stigma, provides anonymity and is permanent. 

Scientist in the field of behavioral modification since 1987, I've #Hacked suicide! Taking advantage of a naturally occurring phenomena that permanently deletes emotional intensity levels of targeted memories that are stuck in the consciousness we can now effectively address #depression #anxiety #P.T.S.D. the need for #coping mechanisms and #suicidal thoughts.

Without #medication #treatments #hospitalization #stigma and #re-occurrences I've made two proven procedures (4 Phase and EMR), available online at: International Suicide Prevention a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit charity

The only reason we can remember any event in our lives is the intensity level of an emotion at the time of an experience.  The greater the intensity the more influence that experience will have in our decision making process it will have.  Sigmund Freud stated that all human decision making is motivated by our desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  Remove the intensity level in a target problem memory and it will fade away into the subconscious.  No matter how disturbing, violent, catastrophic, damaging and/or hopeless it may seem these new procedures work 100% of the time.

Contact information:
Matthew D. Dovel
1736 E. Charleston Blvd., #301
Las Vegas, NV 89104
702 743 4340


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