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E.S.: World's Leading SuIcide Prevention Expert

Avant-garde suicide prevention techniques

by Matthew D. Dovel copyright 2015


Matthew D. Dovel

DOB: April 5, 1962
Residency: Las Vegas, NV (since 1987)
Phone: 702.743.4340

I am the president and founder of International Suicide Prevention (ISP), a 501 (c) (3) public charity nonprofit created in 2006.
I believe that I am the first scientist of suicidology to have developed self-help procedures for the suicidal.
ISP receives over 6,000 unique visitors to its website each month that are seeking self-help.
I have 30 years of experience of working with the suicidal, and have personally answered all phone calls to our 24/7 suicidal hotline since 2006 (

TV Appearances
I have been featured on Good Morning America, 20/20,
I Survived Beyond and Back, and the nationally syndicated talk radio show, Coast to Coast.

Veteran of the United States Air Force (1986)
International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience
Editorial Board Member - Research Interest: Suicidology, Behavioral studies (2015)
Rotarian E-Club 2042 Italy (Since 2013)
Amateur Luthier (guitars)
Psychology (Scientist)


Traditional studies with emphasis in: Psychology, biochemistry, computer science, organic chemistry, civil engineering, quantum mechanics and physics.

Independent research over 30 years: Relationships between the conscious and subconscious, and how we process data for decision-making. Reverse engineering of memories using phasing that targets specific memories. Memory mapping of components: sensory data, intensity and the emotions that are attached.

Other unconventional studies:
Nero-Linguistic Programming

Nero-Linguistic Programming
Slight of Mouth
Pick pocketing
Quantum Physics
Healers, Shaman, Spirit Walkers
Witchcraft: curses and hex’s
Black magic
Unethical behavioral modifications – Romans, Christians, Nazi’s, Russia, U. S. Government


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