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Epic procedure equated with the discovery of Penicillin

This is epic. No, really! Thousands of people every day can now be saved from a preventable cause of death that can affect anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.  It doesn’t cost a penny, only takes five minutes of a person’s time, one time…that’s all, no pain, no medication, and no one else even has to know you did it! If you could save a coworker, friend, family member, or yourself from death today, without any risk to yourself, would you do it? 

This new discovery can only be equated to the discovery of penicillin! Penicillin is responsible for saving millions of people but, equating a new discovery to something like Penicillin better live up to the hype!  And, this does.  Although Penicillin requires cultivation this new life saving procedure does not.  The advantage of Penicillin, for now, is that you can force someone to take it, with or without their knowledge.

Matthew D. Dovel, an expert in his field is also gifted in electronics. His past includes but is not limited to being a consultant for major corporations diagnosing and repairing complex computer systems and databases.  While hacking computer systems one day many years ago, only as a hobby, he noticed a similarity in how the brain processes data compared to how computers assimilate information.  Through reverse engineering and by studding how quickly humans can be programmed through unethical mind studies, and historical records relating to war trauma effects on the mind, we can now rewrite dysfunctional thoughts that can cause depression, anxiety, and/or suicidal thoughts.  All within five minutes! 

Bold statements are being proclaimed in this document and the proof, you could say, is in the pudding! Already preformed on hundreds of people around the world with a 100% success rate we can now safely say that, by judging from the results, we can extremely lower and/or eliminate suicide from the world.  If that is not epic what is?

Procedure I, II to eliminate anxiety, depression and/or suicidal thoughts are now available, epic! Endorsed by mental health professionals, and physicians.

Watch breaking news TV interview on this new self-help:

For interview request contact

Matthew D. Dovel

President – International Suicide Prevention (ISP)

702 743 4340


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