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Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet: Awareness, Lifestyle, Identification and Solutions

After there is a suicide we all have the same question? “Why?”  And then, “Why didn’t they ask me for help?”

What if, in the future, when a co-worker, friend, or family member was experiencing suicidal thoughts all they had to do was go to their computer and follow easy, free, quick, and anonymous instructions to overcome these feelings?  Wouldn’t that be great!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put your name, group, church, and/or corporations name on just such a product saving countless lives?  Would you support a way to help the one hundred people each day, in the U.S.A., that commit suicide?

Well, the future is here now, and just such a product is ready for distribution to the masses!

A new program has been developed that can be viewed on the internet, also in hard copy form, and is given away for free.  Telling someone that you are having self-harm thoughts is scary, embarrassing, socially restrictive, and career threatening.  Over twenty years in the making, this new way of addressing an age old issue will revolutionize the way we deal with the stigma associated with having suicidal thoughts by bypassing stigma all together.  

Military, Veterans, teens, unemployed, depressed, and anxiety ridden are just a few of those that need your help!  You can target the group you’d like to see get this needed help by sponsoring this work.
Doctors and mental health experts have endorsed it!   Will you? This new program is now available in nine languages.

For more information go to:

President, International Suicide Prevention


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