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Depression, Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts, Breakthrough Technology



Press Release - Henderson, Nevada
September 5, 2014
By Matthew D. Dovel
President, International Suicide Prevention

These three components are what make up a memory: Facts, Emotions and Intensity.
Examples of a memory are: A first kiss, the best meal you’ve ever had, sky diving on your 50th birthday, graduation day, or your first car.

Facts are: what we take in, record, at the time of an experience with our five senses; sight, audio, taste, touch and smell.  Although, it is debated that there are more like twenty-one sensorial inputs, we all can accept there are at least five.

There are three primary senses: hearing, sight and touch.  Just like we are right or left handed, we also favor one of the primary senses.

About facts: they are constantly changing as we experience NEW life events.

Emotions are: Love, Fear.  All emotions can be traced back to the root emotions that are either Love or Fear.  Emotions are limited to a very short list. As an experience takes place it is evaluated and emotions are assigned depending on the relevance of past experiences.

Intensity is: our physiological response to an experience.  Intuitive characteristics and life experiences play a part in how we physically respond to any new situations and/or circumstances.

Physiological responses are changes in: blood pressure, breathing, energy, thought processes, posture, sensory perceptions, organ functions, and overall health.

By the time we are five most have experienced a full range of emotional experiences we can draw from in order to maneuver through life’s unexpected situations and/or circumstances. But, when an experience falls outside of the scope of our usual life experiences then we call these experiences a trauma.  The source of depression, anxiety, and/or suicidal thoughts.

Even though a first love does fall outside the scope of our usual scope of experiences, it is not considered a trauma until love is lost.  The same intensity of love one can feel changes to the same intensity of fear when that love is lost.

Intensity is the bond, glue that holds together the memory components.  Intensity is also responsible for our ability to clearly, and quickly recall an experience.

NEW (4 Phase) procedure, and non medical treatment, is a way to change the intensity level of any experience permanently, quickly, in less than 5 minutes. This new procedure is great for the cause of depression, anxiety and/or suicidal thoughts.

Visit this link to see the (4 Phase) procedure, for FREE.

International Suicide Prevention


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